On Saturday 19th November 2006

Ashford Rocked to one of the greatest Rock n Roll shows seen in the town for years.

For 8 Hours the Stour Centre shook with sounds from Vampyres Kiss, The Bloodhounds, The Sharpsters, Electric River, Sizen, The Dean Howard Band, Purple and Led by Zeppelin.

Some of the comments:

Was definitely the best gig Ashford Rocks have put on!!! A lot of good bands played their hearts out.

I watched all the other bands last night – they should be proud of themselves – they did an excellent job and their professionalism and energy were spot on.

I’ve been to a lot of Ashford Rocks events but last night beat them all by far.

All the bands played with conviction and were supported with by an awesome sound system and lighting rig. Spectacular it was an absolute blinder – a real gem of a rock show!

You put on the best show we have had in Ashford the bands every one of them were fantastic.

To get all those groups together in one place and to put on the quality show that they did was superb. I was left wanting more afterwards and would like to thank all the bands for putting on such a professional performance.