So What is this Ashford Rocks  thing Then ?

It was a series of gigs, Formerly held  at The Homelands  (Ashford Town FC), then held at Club Q in Ashford. The Idea was to get as many  local and not quite so local bands a Gig, somewhere to play their hearts out,  Somewhere for the many talented Rock, Hip Hop, Metal, whatever you want to call  them artists to perform in front of as many people as possible. The Licensing  laws decree an age limit on entry which is 16 years old and above. There is a  licensed bar so the over 18’s can get a beer.

So How did all this come  about then ?

My Son was in a band for a while and his band  wanted a Gig, but because they were pretty raw they were not in a position to  get a Gig in any local pub. I approached the Football Club and asked if I could  organise a “Rock Night” They agreed, my son’s band Monkey Punch and three other  bands, One eyed Porridge, Celestial Anxiety and Underground Phoenix turned up as  well. To my great surprise the enigma that is Hindsight also turned up, complete  with a massive drum kit. I could not believe my luck. We all had a great evening, everybody behaved and the  Football Club were happy and suggested I put on some more. Ashford Rocks was  born !.

So what’s an old Git like you  doing getting involved then ?

I love music, especially gut thumping Rock  music, I was brought up on Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Black Sabbath, Deep Purple,  E.L.P, T.Rex, King Crimson, Hawkwind,  just to name a few. I have seen some  of the worlds greatest artists perform live, I have even seen more recent bands  such as Slipknot and Less than Jake, InMe and Hundred Reasons, I currently like  Rammstein and Coheed & Cumbria.  I was a DJ during the 70’s and still  do a bit today here and there. I think there is so much musical talent in the  area that must be put on show. I get an enormous buzz out of all the bands we  have there and I think all the bands and people that come to see them get a buzz  out of it as well. That’s why did I do it. I am  astounded at the help and support I have received from all the bands and that made it a pleasure to do it.